What is the best covering for flat roof?

What is the best flat roof covering?

Simply put, there is no product or system that is suitable for all applications. Below is a quick look at the most utilised products we come across. All have their merits, but every project should be analysed on its own construction phase and end-use at design stages. 

Time and time again we get called to properties where the wrong roof covering has been specified for either the construction stage or the end-use of the roof, problems occur as a result. 

Mastic Asphalt

The original flat roof covering, known for its durability and aesthetic appearance, is often specified on listed buildings for its many notable properties. A very durable and capable system that still provides effective protection to properties that are well over 50 years old. The product has become somewhat less common in recent times given the introduction of more commercially viable roof covering systems. The product consists of fine aggregates that are held together with asphaltic cement.

The product is installed in a hot format where the viscosity is increased to allow workability, the product is worked with hand floats and installed in layers to form a monolithic covering.

  • Life expectancy + 40 years
  • Warrantied systems from 20 & 25 years
  • Low maintenance

Single Ply

Known for speed of install, commercial viability and aesthetic appearance, Single Ply membrane roofs have proved to be a popular choice with architects and builders alike, it is now one of the most commonly utilised flat roof coverings in new build and refurbishment applications.

Introduced some 30 years ago into the commercial and industrial market, single ply has proven to be a reliable, long-lasting and compatible roof covering solution.

Available in a range of colours, single ply can be detailed and installed to provide an all encapsulating roof covering solution incorporating flat areas, upstands and capping and various other details.  

With a wide range of manufacturers and systems to suit all budgets and applications, a single-ply covering can be tailored to the clients’ exacting requirements. 

  • Life expectancy + 30 years
  • Warrantied systems from 10, 15, 20 & 25 years
  • Low maintenance

Hot Melt

Initially developed for the North American market, hot melt systems are specifically designed to resist extremes in temperature. As the name suggests, the system is installed hot, in a melted/liquid form, that when cooled, forms a monolithic rubberised bitumen membrane that is flexible and displays very favourable roofing qualities, such as high puncture resistance. 

Introduced to our market in the 80’s hot melt has grown and grown in popularity and has proven itself to be a reliable and efficient inverted roof solution, due in no part to its monolithic installation and cost competitiveness compared to traditional hot-applied systems 

Delivered to the site in solid block form, it is carefully heated in a thermostatically controlled boiler until the product has achieved a liquid state. It is most commonly utilised in inverted roof applications where the product is applied directly to the roof structure with the insulation and roof finishes installed afterwards. 

  • Life expectancy + 30 years
  • Warrantied systems from 20 & 25 years
  • Ideal for inverted application
  • Can be installed to zero falls
  • Low maintenance

Bituminous Felt

The most recognised flat roof covering has begun a resurgence in popularity, owed, in no part to its proven track record for durability and robustness of cover. Developments in the design and manufacturing of the product have led to more solutions for both the installer and end-user.

Products such as self-adhesive systems have removed the risk of hot works to flammable surfaces, removing onsite installation hazards; changes in the modified polymers in the bitumen have led to increased longevity and enhanced UV resistance of the installed product.

Systems are now available with 35-year warranties for total peace of mind. 

  • Life expectancy + 40 years
  • Warrantied systems from 10, 15 , 20 , 25 & 35 years
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance

Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing

A relatively recent introduction to the commercial and industrial roofing market, cold-applied systems offer unique solutions that others cannot. It is a roofing solution that can be installed with no application of heat and is particularly suited to complex detailing. 

The product is available from several industry-leading manufacturers in several different forms, all offering their own unique solutions for various situations, the common factor being that the product is installed in a cold liquid format to create a monolithic roof covering when cured.

The products are renowned for their detailing ability and offer solutions to situations where other products simply cannot be installed. 

Cold applied systems have become the choice for refurbishment projects and new builds alike where complex detailing and restricted access pose problems for more common membrane coatings. 

Compatible with most other roof coverings systems are often combined with sheet materials in the larger non-restrictive areas and cold-applied details to smaller complex areas. 

  • Life expectancy + 20 years
  • Warrantied systems from 10, 15 & 20 years
  • Optional insurance backing for guaranteed peace of mind
  • Detailing flexibility
  • Compatibility with other roof coverings