Isle of Wight

Project summary

  • Location: Isle of Wight, UK 
  • Scope: Fabric Condition survey and leak investigation retail unit
  • Scale: 5750m2
  • Products: Single Ply, Torch on Felt, GRP, Clay tiles, man-made slates

Leak problem

Cooney’s were appointed to undertake a general external fabric condition survey and a roof leak investigation on a large retail unit on the Isle of Wight. 

Roof investigation

The roof covering was dry tested utilising a bridge deck detector and all defects were marked and recorded for future repairs, interfaces with suspect service penetrations were also water tested to determine ingress points, problematic areas were identified, and remedial action was detailed in the roof report that followed.

The condition of the property was inspected, and engineers noted a major safety issue with the ridge tiles and hip tiles around the property. 

Solution to leaking roof

An action plan was implemented immediately and remedial works were undertaken to replace the existing wet ridge system with a mechanically fastened dry ridge system throughout the property.

Electronic testing to flat roof areas and dynamic water testing to areas of identified water ingress, visual and physical condition survey.

Photo gallery

person examinating roof cooneys
new build roof asessment cooneys