New build shopping centre

Project summary

  • Location: Oxfordshire UK 
  • Project: New build multiple roof leaks
  • Scale: 5150m2
  • Products: Insulated metal panels, Single Ply lined gutters, asphalt inverted roof
  • Solutions: Dry testing to gutters, electronic wet testing to inverted roofs lift and expose problematic inverted roof areas, flood test and dynamic water test.

Leak problem

A recently constructed new built shopping centre in Oxfordshire had experienced problematic roof leaks since the start of trading in 2015. Several attempts were made by the building company to rectify, property management company contracted Cooney’s to investigate and propose a remedial plan. 

The roof covering is a mixture of insulated metal panels with single-ply perimeter gutters and an inverted flat roof system. This is a flat roof system that is generally used in high traffic areas such as plant rooms where the roof insulation is on top and the waterproofing is underneath, this system provides maximum protection to the waterproofing membrane from damage and comprises stone and concrete paving as ballast, insulation and waterproofing applied onto a concrete slab. 

Roof investigation

Engineers dry tested the single-ply lined gutters and noted several defective and damaged areas on the gutter system that were causing water ingress.

The works to the flat roof area were more complex, given its make up. Areas of the roof were lifted and exposed, engineers undertook wet roof testing, dye testing and water testing to the various areas to source ingress points.

Following exposure of the roof, insulation engineers were able to pinpoint several areas that required attention along with interface issues with plant penetrations

Applying solution

A remedial plan was discussed, designed, and implemented in 2019 which has resolved the issues. All installed works were retested to ensure integrity.

Photo gallery

person examinating roof cooneys
new build roof asessment cooneys