Roof maintenance planning

Roof Maintenance Planning

Using a car as an analogy, proactive maintenance is your annual or usage-based service, reactive maintenance is following a breakdown. 

Your annual planned service keeps things in optimum performance and is often accompanied by a list of advisories that will help avoid any nasty surprises down the line. Reactive maintenance concentrates on keeping the show on the road when problems occur. 

Please feel free to contact our team to see what system is best for your business. 

Planned Maintenance 

Referred to as proactive maintenance and as the name implies it actively focus’ on controlling any issues such as wear and tear that may lead to a future break down or loss of earnings. With proactive works, the serviceable life of your roof covering is extended far past what would normally be expected if no annual works were undertaken.  

Items that could be considered as part of planned roof maintenance.

  • Integrity testing to ensure there are no breaches in the waterproof covering
  • Condition surveys to assess the remaining life expectancy of the roof covering
  • Roof gutter clearing and cleaning in spring and autumn to ensure no blocked drains
  • De vegetation 
  • U value assessments and calculations to determine energy losses
  • Early warning systems on potential failures

With planned maintenance the building owners are in full control of their assets, our specialist will advise what the roof needs and on older properties when the roof likely needs renewal and what system would provide the best value based on usage, lease, budget etc. 

As the roof approaches the end of its serviceable life plans can be put in place to carry out works in a controlled manner and offers the owners the opportunity to shop around for the best system and potentially undertake the works as part of a larger project to minimise overheads during favourable weather conditions and minimise disturbance on the business below.  

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive works happen when something fails on the roof and rainwater starts to come inside, the solution is to concentrate on identifying the issues as quickly as possible, undertaking investigation and diagnostic works to find the exact root cause of the ingress, and getting it controlled until more permanent repairs can be planned and undertaken. Depending on the age of your property, the use of the building and the business below, Reactive Maintenance is a feasible plan, talk to our specialist. 

The works often centre around leak investigation and identification. Following the identification of the ingress point, remedial works are often very minor. 

When the leak investigation step is skipped often works that could be avoided are undertaken in an effort to resolve the problem.