Testing and Leak investigation

Testing and leak investigation

Utilising the latest range of nondestructive test equipment and testing techniques coupled with our expert knowledge, we take the time to locate the issues prior to developing a remedial action plan, we accurately locate the points of water ingress rather than guessing.

We provide reactive and proactive services; we can test your roof or walls after a leak is identified to locate the ingress point and we can also check your roof annually to help prevent potential leaks and provide total peace of mind.
Once a roof leak becomes visible, severe deterioration of the roofing components will already have taken place. The cost of ineffective repairs & unnecessary roof replacements are often undertaken too early in a roofs life, this can be avoided.
Your roof is the most valuable building asset in keeping the weather out, finding and repairing damage fast is crucial in limiting the negative cost water ingress causes.
Please contact us to discuss our different roof testing packages.

drone roof testing
roof view from drone
cooneys - heat map generated for roof investigation

What to expect?

To fulfill your needs we developed transparent procedures and hired professional and approachable personnel. At any point of the project you can request detailed information.

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Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Cooney’s were appointed to undertake a roof leak investigation on a large retail unit on the Isle of Wight. The roof covering was dry tested utilising a bridge deck detector and all defects were marked

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New build shopping centre

New build shopping centre

A recently constructed new built shopping centre in Oxfordshire had experienced problematic roof leaks since the start of trading in 2015. Several attempts were made by the building company to rectify

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What is the likely cause of a roof leak?

There are so many different factors that can cause a roof to start leaking, have the roofs been maintained recently, has any work been undertaken on the roof or have other workers accessed the roof recently to undertake non roof related works, has the leak gradually got worse to the point that its becoming a nuisance, these are all factors that can cause a leak to occur or change but without attending the property and undertaking a survey we cannot advise over the phone, the best solution is to book a roof inspection, we can advise from the information above what type of inspection you need and help you from here.

What should I do if a new roof leak occurs?

The most important thing to do is contain the leak and prevent any potential H&S issue from slippery floors or wet electrics. Capture as many pictures and record the intensity of leak in a video, did the leak start when the rain started or did it occur sometime after, the more information that can be passed to our engineers will result in quicker detection times.

Is it ok to request a site visit even if my roof is ok?

This is arguable the smartest investment of time and resources a building manager can do, if our team attends the property, we can help you develop a maintenance plan to ensure your property remains leak free, add your building to our data base and ensure we know what products are needed to undertake a quick repair in the future if a problem ever occurs.

How much time does it generally take to get an engineer to site?

The Cooneys engineers are always busy providing services to our existing clients, unfortunately given the nature of roof leaks they generally affect everyone at the same time so priority is given to our existing clients, often detection is not constructive during rain and generally a couple of days after the event an engineer will get to site to help you out. Existing clients benefit from rapid response.

Can you guarantee to fix my roof when you come to my property.?

Without undertaking an investigation, we cannot say what needs to be done or fixed over the phone, in the first instance a survey and inspection is required followed by testing to locate the leak source. This is done in a systematic manner which will be explained clearly prior to any works commencing. On completion of these works a detailed report is issued and a remedial action plan is developed, it is only after the problems have been identified that they can be addressed.